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Visit Finistere, its Breton cities steeped in history, fishing ports, wild nature.
Discover the Breton heritage, stroll through the historic streets of Quimper, Locronan ...
Enjoy local produce at the stall of country markets.
Lighthouses, fishing ports, museums will make you relive Breton history.
To discover :
Le Guilvinec

Eckmühl lighthouse
Quimper, 30 minutes from the campsite Le Landrezec, let yourself be charmed by this mythical city in Brittany and its three ancient hearts.
Gourmet city with lively and commercial streets, cultural capital of Brittany, Grand Prix National du Fleurissement, Quimper is located in the heart of Cornwall and its maritime landscapes at the end of the world, authentic and preserved.
Born more than a century ago from a small fishing colony, Le Guilvinec is the first French port for artisanal fishing (coastal and small fishing).
It is identified as "heart of the peach". Artisanal fishing mainly concerns boats between 12 and 16 meters and the owner usually owns his boat.
The curious come from the four corners of the world to live the particular atmosphere that is created on the quays at the time of the unloading of the fishing.
The Eckmühl lighthouse is a maritime lighthouse located on the tip of Saint-Pierre, in Penmarc'h, Finistère, France.
It is over 60 meters high and is one of the most visited monuments in Finistère.
The bay of Audierne
Audierne Bay corresponds to the portion of the coastline of Finistère bounded on the north by the Pointe du Raz and on the south by that of Penmarc'h.
Douarnenez still retains the reputation of a great sardine port.
A flourishing fishing port until the late 1970s and early 1980s, it has declined sharply since then.
It is also an important marina of Finistère with Tréboul and Port-Rhu. This is the city in which Kouign-amann was invented.
Locronan is a commune located in the Finistère department in the Brittany region.
The village has preserved a central paved square with a well, the vast Saint-Ronan church and Renaissance granite houses.
La pointe du Raz
Pont l'Abbé
The Pointe du Raz is a rocky promontory forming the westernmost part of Cape Sizun, facing the sea of Iroise south-west of Finistere.
It is one of the most emblematic sites of the granite coast of Brittany.
The Brodeuses Festival takes place every year in Pont-l'Abbé, in Finistère, in Brittany, in the heart of Bigouden Country.
It originated in the election of the "Queen of Broders".
Audierne Bay is an important wetland for the conservation of birds (particularly ducks, waders and passerines), especially during postnuptial migration.
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